Privacy Policy :

1. Data Store :

1.1. We store all of your data in your local storage except bookmarks. Bookmarks saved on your Roaming storage to be synced across your devices but we have no access to them and also we doesn't save them anywhere else.

1.2. Offline maps, Settings, Updates and anything else stored on your phone storage. You can export them simply for future use or using on other devices.

2. Location :

2.1. Your location data is not saved anywhere even in your phone storage. This can be changed, Maybe we save your location in your Phone Storage to find your location faster on next launchs, but your privacy is really important for us and we do not use it for ads or anything else.

2.2. By enabling live tile in settings we use your location every 15 minutes to update your live tile and show you where are you on application tile.